Light as a service

Light as a Service (LaaS) - An Unique financing structure for handling the financing and implementation of LED Lighting

We find it a shame that many organizations fail to implement LED lighting with acceptable payback times. Most common reason: Lack of budget.

Light as a Service is a great opportunity for those looking for creative ways to retrofit their business without any sizable capital outlay. That puts us in a position to restructure the existing energy operating budget such that proposed LED lighting solutions can be implemented on a costs-neutral basis.

That puts you in a position to realize energy savings and reduction of carbon emissions within your existing energy operating budget. 

The participating organization can decide whether to lower the energy operating budget or to invest the amount saved in generating sustainable energy independently.

With each day that passes without upgrading, money is left on the table.

To learn more if Light as a Service (LaaS) is a good fit for your business, contact us and we’ll have a led lighting specialist reach out to you.

Unique Lights

High-specification (Non) ATEX LED lighting products for indoor & outdour Industrial and Hazardous locations.