Raytec - What They Don’t Want You to Know About Lumen Output

Oct 18, 2016

A common misconception when specifying lighting is that the greater the light output, or the higher the lumens, the better the lighting solution will be. In reality, it’s not that simple - too much light can actually have a negative effect on the quality of output.

This article will focus on the truth behind light output; the advantages of LED lighting over traditional technology and differences between LED fittings to consider.

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In summary, a fittings total lumen output is often not the best way to judge it’s suitability to an application. It can be easy and unscientific to up lumen output to win a specification battle at the expense of the performance and quality of the light. While greater output levels may be achieved from traditional luminaires, if only a fraction of this is targeted where needed, then lumen output and consumption are being wasted. Similarly, the temptation for manufacturers to drive LEDs too high can cause problems with glare and uniformity of light.

At Raytec we always design products with the end-user in mind. Our SPARTAN floodlights use high power LEDs with a unique VARIO lens system to shape the light and distribute it where needed. However, SPARTAN Linear, uses medium power LEDs which produce a marginally lower output but can significantly improve the overall quality of the final solution in down-lighting applications.

It’s not about the number of lumens. The performance of a luminaire is controlled by two main factors, quantity in the form of ‘usable lumens’ and quality in the form of beam shapes and colour performance; this is where Raytec excels.


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