This is a multifunctional sports center where sports, health care and education are located under one roof. Any activity that is offered, therefore, aims to contribute to the welfare of the people and the environment.

Unique Lights LED @ Haitsma Beton

Precast products by Haitsma Beton have found their way into countless constructions. Drawing on more than a century of expertise, our firm is a factor of stability in the fields of construction and infrastructure, both in the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

Unique Lights LED @ Frisia Zout

Using the so-called solution mining process the esco subsidiary produces high-quality vacuum salt, which comes from a depth of about 2,800 metres.

Unique Lights LED @ Delwi Groenink

Machine factory Delwi / Groenink has been for many years the partner for clients who demand high quality and reliability. And that makes sense, after all, these are important elements.

Unique Lights LED @ Main

The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the collection and processing of ship-generated waste products. MAIN also has specialist know-how of (ship) cleaning.

Unique Lights LED @ Aviko

Aviko has created value from potatoes for more than 50 years and, since its establishment in 1962, has grown to become a European market leader of fresh, frozen and dried potato products.

Unique Lights LED @ Wintershall

Our business success will be based on our ability to supply energy to Europe by using our technical expertise, efficiency and innovation. 

Unique Lights LED @ SMST

SMST specializes in the delivery of lifting, transportation, drilling and pipelay solutions, particularly for the maritime and offshore industry.

Unique Lights LED @ Koopmans Meel

We strongly believe in providing differentiation, be venturous and passionate. As a reliable partner we want to develop together with our customers, ensuring this difference.

Unique Lights LED @ VHC Jongens

Your total supplier of the catering industry and fast food market. We know very well that quality, service, speed and excellent pricing are among the most important values in our industry.

Our goals are to be reached by using a scope with long-term views of which we are convinced that both the continuity of the company and environment will be safeguarded.

From its site in Merksem (Antwerp) Brabomills processes a good 400 000 tons of grain each year.

The wheat and rye is delivered by ship from France

and Germany.

FOOX is 30 years young. In those 30 years, FOOX become a wholesale organization into a highly professional purchasing, marketing and sales organization.

Unique Lights LED @ TAQA

We strive to run our company safely and sustainably, operating to the highest ethical standards.

Bergia Frites

Is a innovative manufacturer of deep frited potato specialties. All products are characterized by three basic requirements: taste, quality and health.

Unique Lights LED @ VHC Actifood

VHC ActiFood levert al geruime tijd food- en non-food producten aan diverse horecabedrijven in het Noorden van Nederland. Kwaliteit, betrokkenheid en service staan centraal.

Specializes in the rental , sale and maintenance of industrial tools , welding equipment , lifting and hoisting equipment and air - light & power supplies.

Unique Lights LED @ Cloetta

Cloetta is manufacturing and marketing sugar confectionery, chocolate products, pastilles and chewing gum. In total, Cloetta products are sold in more than 50 markets worldwide.

Unique Lights LED @ Veenstra Fritom

We fulfil the control function in logistics services. We take responsibility for logistical control on behalf of our customers.

Unique Lights LED @ Afvalzorg

Afvalzorg is the most specialised waste management company in the Netherlands in the field of design, operation, management, follow-up and final landscaping of landfill sites.

Unique Lights LED @ Berendsen

We provide service solutions to source, clean and maintain the textiles that our customers need to keep their organisations running.



Unique Lights LED @ Bulstra

On November 8, 2014 the Lean and Green Award is presented . For this award , we have presented a plan which we reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

A well-equipped all-round steel construction company that specializes in custom and extensive services. There are among other products supplied for residential and commercial construction, facade construction, industry, shipping and offshore.

Unique Lights LED @ Huisman Equipment

Huisman is a leading innovator with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world's leading companies in the oil & gas, renewables and leisure markets.

Unique Lights LED @ Rubis Terminal RT2

Rubis Terminal Rotterdam is a state of the art terminal for the storage of mineral oil products and chemicals at the heart of the Botlek.

Unique Lights LED @ DHTC Den Helder

DHTC is an international provider of safety training for the offshore (oil & gas industry), shipping, offshore wind industry and related businesses.

Unique Lights LED @ Gasunie

Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company. We provide the transport of natural gas and green gas in the Netherlands and the Northern part of Germany.

Unique Lights LED @ KLM Equipment Services

GSE is an indispensable link in the logistical processes

of all airports. Our goal is to realise low operational

cost, with maximal availability of your equipment.

Unique Lights LED @ TATA Steel

We show personal leadership in health and safety and act responsibly towards the environment and community. We demonstrate commitment and ownership.

Unique Lights LED @ Omrin

Omrin is the Frisian word for recycle. This name gives a good indication by which the organization is involved. Waste is, after all, not only waste, but more and more a raw material for new products.

Unique Lights LED @ SCA Care of Life

To sustainably develop, produce, market and sell increasingly value-added products and services within hygiene and forest products markets for customers and consumers.

Unique Lights LED @ ETA Amsterdam

We store, handle and connect oil flows around the world.

Welcome to connected thinking.

Unique Lights LED @ Plasticon

Provide worldwide industries with corrosion resistant solutions for storage and processing with curved composite products and related services.

Unique Lights LED @ Neste Oil

We operate within strict environmental permit limits, and have significantly reduced the airborne and other environmental emissions related to our operations.

Unique Lights LED @ SMST

SABIC is a world leader in the petrochemical industry. The production site in Geleen (Chemelot), we make the raw materials for the production of various plastics.

Unique Lights LED @ Wielemaker

By building lasting relationships, we get to know our clients better.
This makes us ever more capable to help think and anticipate the needs of the customer.

Internationally renowned in the field of drainage and protection foam products such as shock pads under artificial turf. An innovative, pragmatic and service-oriented company of technological pioneers.

Boso owes its existence to more or less the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). More than 70 years ago Boso, began as one of the first Dutch companies with processing used textiles into cleaning cloths.

Unique Lights LED @ Marfo

Marfo has a long history of producing fresh frozen meal solutions for airline-, health-, military/remote and other large scale customers.


Unique Lights LED @ Villeroy & Boch

The aim of all the sustainability activities at Villeroy & Boch is to combine ecology and economy successfully.

Unique Lights LED @ Deltarent

We offer rental in the broadest sense of the word and we are specialists in mobile light towers, temporary lighting and explosion proof lighting, among other things.

Unique Lights LED @ Excellent Food & Snacks

Exellent Food & Snacks, they has one ideal: to make the best croquettes and croquette balls in the world.

Bredenoord provides solutions to any power requirement. Wherever and whenever you need them. Smart solutions with absolute quality that save you money.

Specialised in producing high- grade plastic items manufactured by both low and high pressure injection moulding techniques.

Dedicated to influencing the purchasing behaviour of consumers on behalf of brand manufacturers and retailers.

Unique Lights

High-specification (Non) ATEX LED lighting products for indoor & outdour Industrial and Hazardous locations.